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ReFuel RF-TC-U450 Universal Battery Charger – Refurbished – Grade B (Very Good)


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Out of stock

ReFuel RF-TC-U450 Universal Battery Charger – Refurbished – Grade B (Very Good)


The item is in very good condition and may come in a generic box. It may have minor imperfections which may be noticeable during normal use. There can be minor dents or scuffs on the body. It is tested to be 100% functional and comes with compatible & required accessories. Our 90-day warranty backs it.

The ReFuel RF-TC-U450 Universal Battery Charger is a versatile and efficient charging solution designed to accommodate a wide range of rechargeable batteries. With its user-friendly features and compatibility, this universal battery charger is an essential tool for keeping your devices powered up and ready to go.

Universal Compatibility
Smart Charging Technology
Multi-Bay Design
LED Indicators
Overcharge Protection
Compact and Portable
User-Friendly Operation
Versatile Power Source
Ideal for Everyday Use

Keep your devices powered and reduce battery waste with the ReFuel RF-TC-U450 Universal Battery Charger—a reliable and convenient charging solution for a variety of rechargeable battery sizes.





Refurbished – Grade B