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Hidden Tips, Tricks, and Features to Know For Windows 10

Let’s take a look at a few prominent keyboard shortcuts for Windows 10:

  • Task View (Windows Key-Tab)
  • Move an App to the Upper-Right Quadrant of the Screen (Windows Key-Right-Up)
  • Go to Virtual Desktop (Windows Key-Ctrl-Left or Right)
  • Create a New Virtual Desktop (Windows Key-Ctrl-D)
  • Activate Cortana (Windows Key-Ctrl-C)
  • Daily Glance at Sports, News, and Weather (Windows Key-S)
  • Close a Virtual Desktop (Windows Key-Ctrl-F4)
  • Snap Apps to Bottom or Top of Screen (Windows Key-Up and Down)

Let’s take a few at a more shortcuts that Windows 10 has to offer.

Add/Remove Titles

By default, 50% of the Start Menu will be dedicated to certain “Tiles”. However, these tiles can quickly and easily be rearranged or deleted. All you have to do is right-click on the titles, and decide what you want to do with it. If the title is exceptionally useful, you can select “Pin to Taskbar” to have it located conveniently on your desktop within plain site for each access.

Also note that Windows 10 comes with several icons that are already in the taskbar. If you don’t want these there, then just as easily, you can right-click them and remove them. The great thing about this shortcut is that it can be done in as little as 5 seconds, allowing you to customize your Windows 10 computer the way you want to.

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