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At Liquidation Center, we offer tailored liquidation solutions to efficiently manage and maximize the value of your surplus assets. From asset appraisal to store closures, we handle every aspect of the liquidation process, ensuring optimal results for your business.

About Us

Liquidation Center stands as a leader in the liquidation industry, bringing years of expertise to every project.

Liquidation Center has been in business since 2010 and has handled all aspects of the business from buying, selling, exporting, offering appraisal services, running sales events, auctions, store closures and removals of inventory and fixtures.
We currently have our main office in Windsor, ON with another office and warehouse in Detroit, MI as well as an office in the Dominican Republic. We sell world wide,  servicing more than 5,000 wholesale clients . We have resources to sell goods in most parts of the world.
Our full-spectrum services are designed to accommodate any business need, making us the go-to source for companies across various sectors looking to streamline their asset management.

Why Choose Liquidation Center

Industry Expertise

With extensive knowledge and resources in the liquidation industry, Liquidation Center brings unparalleled expertise to every project.

Technology Integration

Embracing technology as a cornerstone of our operations, we boast an in-house IT staff dedicated to managing our projects, websites, and campaigns. Additionally, our in-house marketing, content creation, and digital marketing teams ensure that our digital ads and campaigns are not only effective but also tailored to suit each platform and project we undertake.

Comprehensive Support

From strategic planning to execution, our team provides comprehensive support throughout the entire liquidation process, ensuring seamless and successful outcomes for our clients.

Extensive Reach

Leveraging our multiple online platforms and presence on major marketplaces like Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, and eBay, we ensure your assets gain maximum exposure and returns.

Areas We Serve

Our primary focus is Ontario. We can conduct most of our services across Canada. However depending on your needs, we will advise accordingly what aspects of your project we can add added value or not.

What We Purchase

Our focus is primarily consumer goods, hard goods, general merchandise
ranging in all categories in any condition.


Cellphones & Tablets


Small Appliances

Fitness Gear



Patio Furniture

Health & Beauty

Our Services

Discover more about how we can assist you with our range of liquidation services

Asset Appraisal

Expert evaluations to determine the true value of your assets.

Overstock Buyback

Turn excess inventory into opportunity.

Store Closures/Bankruptcy

Comprehensive support through store wind-downs or bankruptcy proceedings.

E-Waste Removal

Responsible recovery, disposal and recycling of electronic waste.

Returns Management

Efficient handling and redistribution of returned goods.

Asset Donation

Facilitating the donation of assets for tax benefits and corporate responsibility.


In addition to having extensive knowledge and resources in the liquidation industry 
We are proud to be one of the largest independent liquidation companies who have embraced technology we have our own in house IT staff handling our projects, web sites and campaigns in addition to have an in house marketing item, content creating and digital marketing manager ensuring our digital ads and campaigns are effective for all our platforms and projects we sell for. 

Our company is well diversified. We own approximately 10 web sites in addition to we sell directly on the following marketplaces such as Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy and Ebay.

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