Asset Donation

Transforming Excess Into Impact with Asset Donations

Donating unwanted inventory, fixtures, and equipment is a profoundly effective way to support community initiatives while responsibly recycling surplus assets. At Liquidation Center, we recognize the power of giving and facilitate the process of transforming your excess assets into valuable resources for those in need.

Why Donate?

Community Benefit

Your donations can furnish nonprofits, schools, and underfunded organizations, providing them with essential items they might otherwise not afford.

Environmental Responsibility

Reduce landfill waste by repurposing your gently used office furniture, fixtures, and equipment.

Space Optimization

Free up valuable space in your facilities, making your operations more efficient and organized.

Liquidation Center's Donation Services Include

Service Fee

While our donation service does include a nominal fee, it covers comprehensive management of the donation process, ensuring a hassle-free experience for your business.

Partnership with Charities

We work with top local philanthropic organizations, ensuring that your donations make the most significant impact where it is most needed.

Streamlined Process

Our team handles all aspects of the donation process, from collection and transportation to the final distribution to charitable organizations.

Ideal for Businesses with

Businesses with surplus office furniture

Companies upgrading their equipment or closing locations

Organizations seeking to enhance their corporate social responsibility

“>By choosing Liquidation Center for your asset donations, you’re not just clearing out space — you’re making a meaningful difference in your community and contributing to a sustainable future.

Join us in this impactful journey and let’s make generosity part of our business model.